Thank you so much for already 200 user! :)
Hello there,
My name is Jason, some may already know me from another server but don't worry, I'm not witch-hunting here (yet).
By now I'm here to rank maps and ensure the BAT don't rank crap.
Also, I moderate the discord server.

I can map all 4 modes (though I suck at playing anything but Taiko) so if you need feedback for your map hit me up on discord.
I'm not doing GD's anymore, exceptions are made for friends and for Taiko if I like the song.

I was considering to make a discord server for myself where people could join (like the good old times on Bancho), if you're interessted in joining hit me up


Clan: Taiko GangStars
(aka Demotivated Madman)





BaronVonAnime is a osu!Horizon Community Manager from Germany.
They signed up on osu!Horizon .
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They play with Mouse, Keyboard.

Community Manager
Global rank #2
Country rank   #1
PP 1,375
Ranked score 33,031,993
Total score 65,643,658
Playcount 207
Followers 1
Replays watched 0
Total hits 68,375
Accuracy 95.04%
Level 21