Thank you so much for already 200 user! :)
700 PP Play: 2019.12.29
800 PP Play: 2020.01.23

First FC on Nanahira - Chikatto Chika Chika with HDDTHR [Sotarks' 1-2IQ] (842PP)

"This gets an uwu from me" - Lemres
"Best Community Manager" - Eternity
"Best Community Manager" - W w w


How old are you? - I am currently 16 years old :)

Since when do you play osu? - I playing this game for 8 months

Where are you from? - I from Hungary

What languages do you speak? - I can speak Hungary and English

How often do you play osu and how long? - I play osu when i have mood for it.

What mods can you play? - I'm a freemod player, i can play NM, HD, HRHD, HR, DTHD ( i need to practice ), HDDTHR ( i need to practice ), and EZ/FL are just shit mods


Clan: None
(aka Noob)





NotCookiezi is a osu!Horizon Community Manager from Japan.
They signed up on osu!Horizon .
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They play with Tablet, Keyboard.

Community Manager

Big PP boi


Oniii-chan yamete

Clean aim
Global rank #29
Country rank   #2
PP 871
Ranked score 29,203,787
Total score 95,437,587
Playcount 370
Followers 1
Replays watched 6
Total hits 42,022
Accuracy 83.33%
Level 24